About this course

This six hour course is advocated for all parents, teachers and carers who work with children on a regular basis. Bridge Care Consultancy offers special discounted rates for all nursery schools and early learning centres.

It is OFSTED approved and includes the principles of Safeguarding Children.

Course cost

GBP 60.00

Cost includes manual.

Upcoming courses

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Course content

  1. Applying the 4Cs of Paediatric First Aid to medical situations
  2. Recognise an ill or injured child
  3. Identify specific  types of medical problems and give appropriate first aid
  4. Know when to call Emergency Services
  5. Know how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  6. Understand what an automated external defibrillator does and how to use it
  7. Know what to do when a child is choking
  8. Where appropriate and within the scope of practice assist children with their medication 

What past clients have said

 "I have been attending first aid training courses for 17 years and this is the best paediatric first aid course ever delivered by an enthusiastic trainer" 

Amy Cooper, Nursery School Teacher